Pesaro (IT)
2nd prize

Sustainability versus architecture. International competition “AbitarECOstruire”. (20 ecosustainable houses)

The building develops its relationship with the environment looking with the principal façade at the green area and the river’s side. The masterplan creates a green bell in the south area, and a net of pedestrian wooded streets leading to the river’s area.

The building looks like the union of two diaphanous and stereometrical volumes projecting from a dark base. Every part of the building is designed with eco-sustainability criteria, from the plans distribution to the equipment project and materials. The building’s skin, a case made of polycarbonate and ceramic, is a wide surface to capture the sun radiation, it works like a ventilate wall. The building is a compact core, it leaves many green open space dedicated to the public and private use. A footbridge is the main access to the houses: it cross the garden looking at the courtyards, creating a complex relationship between the public spaces. Every flat owns an open private space, a garden with porch at the ground floor, a loggia at the superior floors.

The introduction of two staircases permits to design all the apartments with opposite windows and double views towards SW and NE. This distribution in plan permits a natural ventilation. The building reaches the A+ enegetic class.