Northshore (UK)

Kaleidoscope street, masterplan and housing.

Kaleidoscope Street is a free quiet island facing at the river Tees' bank, cut off from the city's noises. An embankment marks the entrance of this delightful place. Four floor apartments buildings stretch skywards marking the entrance to the new residential area's gate. Four secondary roads go across the embankment following the shapes of three double and a single rows of houses that reach the river like a kite's tail moved by the wind. Only two different plan forms generate this housing chain development. The rotation of these elements helps to create a dynamic system of spaces that refuses the static point of view of a perspective space: the multidirectional point of view created by this movement opens private spaces for the houses. Privacy is created by the extension and the construction that the two opposite housing's rows create together. Our philosophy and mood of making housing systems: hybrid relationships between public and private dimension, a vibrant border that combines the community living with the private. People can have a private life dimension but easily are able to socialize in all the semipublic and public zones.

To avoid jamming, there isn't a net of carway streets, so that the river's bank is free for a pedestrian and bicycle use.