europan ireland

Cork (IRL)

An empty area isolated by the railway near Cork was chosen as the site where a new settlement must be created.

The theme of the international competition was how to develop the qualities of urbanity while responding to the actual demand of individual housing next to the nature.

The site project is located in a zone deeply marked by an infrastructure that follows it along all its length: the railway. The first act is to mark the principal axes that gives rules to the site. Railway: it must be the belly of the project. From here like a fountain all the relationships born between objects and people. Like three scratches in the ground furrows are created. Three roads with different functions: trains, people, cars. The architectural composition starts from this concept: each house must have an independent piece of green. The new masterplan proposes a separation in section between traffic and pedestrian, the creation of a commercial way developing in a sinuous curve of green spaces and a series of houses with different kind of typologies.