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Lerum (S)

Green zip.

The railway cuts the city in two parts creating a caesura between the ancient residential area and the lake, making difficult to reach the shore. Besides, there is a wide free space between the railway and the main road. In this long and free strip of unused land we place the parking areas for the new urbanization and the lake shore. The parking area and the footbridges (9m height) are connected by elevators or ramps. For all the length of the project area a green embankment shelters the lake shore from noise and pollution. The entire path even offers a pleasant walk and different views of the lake.

All the zones and the infrastructure are connected by a system of pedestrian pathways and a public system of transport.

A new urbanization of terraced houses tries to interpret the shape of the territory, creating a system characterized by a design's tension that brings to the lake's bank. Their design is addressed to the creation of a public space that mixes together with the private space, creating a green common area that could penetrate from the private car-way to the green lakeshore walk-way. The projection of these forms becomes a system of floating platforms in the lake.