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Heidelberg (DE)

A village in the wood.

The aim is to re-think this urban area, actually without a relationship with the city, by the re-design of the void with macro mute buildings disposed in a rigid geometrical scheme, existing in.

The idea is to change the scale, passing from the scale of the barrack square for the military platoons to the scale of the town village where people walk up and down the alleys among shops and gardens. A village in the wood, as Heidelberg in its origin:

steep roofs among the forest trees. The barrack square is invaded by the green and the existing building are infested by new architectural elements. A contemporary architecture with traditional flavour attacks the mutes buildings transforming them: they are mitigated and reduced to a human scale. The new architecture proceeds from the ancient centre of Heidelberg: steep slope roofs, traditional reddish stones. The barrack square is colonized by natural and historical elements connatural in the Heidelberg semantic character.