west cork art center

Cork (IRL)

A new landmark for Skibbereen, Ireland. A sign that puts the new complex at the center of the city. An architectural mark that works like identificative symbol of the cultural life and at the same time could keep a domestic dimension.

The project concept starts from the composition of three trapeziums of different forms and measure in plan: two are larger and contain in their interior all the functions reserved to the people visiting the center, the other one is smaller, his shape develops vertically and accommodates the commercial space, services and rooms dedicated to the administration. The two bigger ones in plan have a lower height: their shape reinterprets the traditional Irish buildings cottages but with a more rational and modern approach in the use of volumes and materials. Skibbereen needs a cultural center measured to its dimension: a complex with a hard architectural characterization but in wich people could be at ease. The split of the architectural form in three small volumes and the irregular form of the pitched roofs give to the building a more familiar and warm aspect. The volumes are cut like a clay sculpture with a knife. The treatment of exterior surfaces will be characterized by a thick net of small waterproof wood battens arranged vertically. Its shape section widens in the first two floors and diminishes in the last part to give a more light and throw image from the exterior view.

Like a small totem it appears in Skibbereen's sky.